Inspired by the classic spritz of Italy and dreamy days sitting by Lake Como Senza was created by Robin Wilson and Larissa Wolf-Tasker from Lake House Daylesford.
Gentian Root, Cassia Bark, Bitter Orange, Caramel, Tangerine Peel, Star Anise and Cinchona are just some of the flavors that make up Senza.

We still run a restaurant and enjoy a good glass of wine as much as anyone... but every now and again (or when you get pregnant and have twins!) the need arises for something Non-Alcoholic but still interesting. Thankfully there are now many more options... but Senza is our take the classic Aperitivo of Italy and Aperitif's of France.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy it with a splash of your preferred Vermouth or Aperitif to make it a more classic or low alcohol Spritz. We mix it with Campari, Punt e Mes, Maidenii (Nocturne or Classic Vermouth), Antica Formula or Amaro Nonino...

Molto Bene!

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